Nigerian unemployment activist group takes crusade to Ghana

In a bid to tackle  the menace of unemployment in Africa, a Non-Governmental  initiative ‎’SHUN UNENEMPLOYMENT  has recently  launched its foundation in Ghana in order to reach out to more youths across Africa. ‎

The anti-unemployment crusader,Mr Mayowa Ajibodu meeting with the team head in Ghana, Mr Victor Kwesi, said “Unemployment is a disease and Africans must join hands together to raise entrepreneurial doctors who will be capable of curing  the fast spreading contagious disease that is making youths’ lazy, frustrated and dejected.”

He  further stressed that  The youths must be willing to think outside the box.

They must be willing to shun unemployment by working hard and acquiring a skill.

Unemployment is not just in Nigeria but across the African continent.

The journey to success is not for the lazy but for the hard working. Remember, unemployment is a disease, it is spreading fast and together we can shununemployment, ‎Ajibodu said.

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