We are using this great Opportunity to acknowledge and say a big “Thank You” to the Organizers of the “WEST AFRICA BLOGGERS CONFERENCE 2016”, for the great Opportunity given to all attended bloggers and non attended bloggers due to some reason, but followed up the conference from any form of social media.


A Big “Thank you” to Mr Ayodele Oyebade, M.D AdvertStriker and the entire Staffs of AdvertStriker, for having all guests at the conference for two days consecutively, with much Love and hospitality, also a “Thank you” to all to all Speakers of the conference for sharing with us their valuable times, Experiences and Service materials.
Another Big “Thank You” to GOOGLE, MTN, SPECTRANET, ADVERTSTRIKER, MARKETING + MEDIA and all other sponsors of the conference for their great supports and giveaways towards the conference tomake it a successful conference.
looking forward to see more from the platform and to see great success from all member of the platform. thank you and GOD bless you all. am Sure 2017 will be powerful. CAN’T WAIT FOR WEST AFRICA BLOGGERS CONFERENCE 2017